Consultant Bio

VINCENZA LIND, WeeSleep, Sleep Consultant


A Little About Vincenza

Vincenza’s passion for healthy sleep habits began when she became a mother. She knew that sleep deprivation that comes with having a newborn is normal but as time went on and her baby was able to go for longer periods of time without eating, she knew that it was time to get her whole family into a healthy sleep routine.

Through sleep training, she was overwhelmed with joy how well her son was sleeping and wanted to share with every mom out there that they too can have a well-rested independent sleeper!

Everyone in the home became happier, had more energy and definitely had more patience! This inspired her to help other families achieve the same goals. Her love for helping others achieve this goal brings her great joy. Vincenza, now being a registered sleep consultant with WeeSleep, has enhanced her skills to provide gentle approaches that will best suit your family and child(ren).

Now a mother of 3 amazing sleepers, Vincenza has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share about sleep. Her patience, empathy and compassion makes her very approachable and she welcomes any questions or concerns. Vincenza’s ultimate goal is to leave your family feeling rested, happy and enjoying parenthood more than ever before.


– Jeremy, Addison + Tyler’s Mom


Thank you Vincenza, You’re so Helpful!

I cannot recommend Vincenza enough! I started sleep training my 4 month old baby with her and saw great improvements since the second night. Vincenca gave me the confidence to stay strong, guided me through all the steps and she was so helpful in answering all my questions. Its been a real pleasure working with Vincenza! I have already recommended her to all my mommy friends and will definitely reuse her services in the future.

Thank you Vincenza from the bottom of our hearts

Vincenza was awesome! I would recommend her to everyone she saved my sanity Her technique was gentle but extremely effective! Thanks to her my twins are sleeping in their own beds all night long!

Thank you Vincenza Lind from Katy

I’m speechless to be honest. I didn’t believe in any of this. I thought it was hogwash. I’m now the biggest believer in it. My daughter was a decent sleeper till 3 months. Then poop hit the fan and I had 2.5 months of pure hell. My daughter was exhausted, I was exhausted, I was mad at my husband all the time, the enjoyable moments just weren’t the way they were supposed to be. I finally reached out for help. Enter...Vincenza. She helped rebuild my confidence and gave me the power and skills I needed to help my daughter learn one of her most important life skills. IT ABSOLUTELY WORKS! She’s happy, she’s rested and she was sleeping through the night before our 10 days was up. I would recommend Vincenza to anyone. Don’t wait to long. There is help. You can’t put a price on sleep. Our days are better, life is better, everything is just better. My parents were shocked, my in laws were shocked, my friends were shocked. Turned all of us into a believer. A 5.5 month old who couldn’t go 45 minutes without losing her mind. Was sleeping through the night! Yes, there will be tears. But it’s controlled. It’s not cruel, the methods are not harsh. She works with you to figure out where you’re comfortable and what works for your family. Gets to know your child. And she legitimately cares. Give it a try! You will not regret it!!!! Thank you Vincenza for helping the entire family! Xoxo - Katy Crawford

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