Consultant Bio

Sydney Lucas

Seattle, WA

Sydney is originally from North Vancouver, BC, but now lives in Bellevue, Washington. She loves to travel, especially visiting friends and family up in Canada often. Most of her time is spent with her rescue dog Lexi, her husband and son Maverick who was born in February 2021.

As her son reached 6months old and had some medical challenges it became harder to achieve strong sleep, so on the advice of a friend she dove into a WeeSleep Rescue Me Program. She was amazed at how quickly he caught on and how much less stressful life started to feel. Having a consultant keep her accountable and provide a routine with a plan made all the difference and before long everyone, including the dog, was sleeping better than they could have dreamed!

The experience of sleep coaching was so positive that Sydney felt a desire to share this with other families. She now is committed to helping parents go from just surviving, to thriving! Sydney brings understanding and positivity into her consulting and always does her best to support her clients with creative solutions and a personalized approach. With Sydney you get not just a consultant but a cheerleader and a friend who cares about creating real results and lifelong skills that can fit into your family’s unique lifestyle. She genuinely loves helping families have more balanced, healthier lives with quality sleep and looks forward to spreading the WeeSleep love!


Working with Sydney through WeeSleep has no doubt helped my family!

It was when my youngest was about 8 months old and she was still struggling to go to sleep and stay asleep for naps and throughout the night. I had been back at work full-time already for a few months and also had a toddler in the household expending my energy. I was just about done with it and needed just that bit more sleep. I happened to see Sydney post about her son and their newfound sleep habits, which seemed too good to be true. I was skeptical at first, but after countless tiresome days and nights, I decided to reach out and haven't looked back. Sydney was very approachable, personable and was always very responsive. She was there to support me throughout the process, pushing through any doubts I had, as well as answering all my questions and providing additional resources. While the sleep plan was nothing revolutionary, nor a magic pill, it was what was needed in order to be held accountable, confident in the approach, and set proper habits with my little one. While there are still ups and downs, working with Sydney through WeeSleep has no doubt helped my family get some much better sleep all around. - Kapo Bauer | Baby Lexi's Mom

Sydney was very encouraging and supported us every step of the way

Our family is SO incredibly thankful for Sydney - she has made all of our sleep dreams come true. When the sleep regressions hit there were times we wondered if we would all ever sleep again and Sydney absolutely saved us. We were a bit nervous to do sleep training because we heard sleep training was essentially “crying it out” and that was definitely nerve wracking, but Sydney provided a way for our family that felt more safe and natural. Hearing we could stay in the room with our son and gradually move further away was a perfect approach for us. When I was filling out the daily logs Sydney never made me feel like the way I was approaching things was wrong, she pointed out things I was doing well and then she would follow up and provide information quite quickly with what I needed to tweak. Sydney was very encouraging and supported us every step of the way. We would highly recommend everyone to reach out to Sydney if they are tired and need some support - she works wonders!!! - Erika Vieweg | Baby Carter's Mom

My only regret was not doing this sooner!

My two year old son slept so well as a baby, and I felt so lucky! Starting at 18 months he would wake up around midnight and be awake until 3 or 4 am! I was frustrated and sleep deprived. I started working with Sydney and she was so patient and knowledgeable getting to know the situation and setting up a plan to get my son sleeping at night again. Sydney and I went over the plan, and I was so nervous and really hoping this would work. After just a few nights, he was sleeping through the night and soothing himself back to sleep! He has slept through the night ever since up to 12 hours. My only regret was not doing this sooner!

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