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A Little About Stephanie


Meet the WeeSleep Team’s Success Specialist, Stephanie Ellis!

Stephanie has been helping tired families since starting her career with WeeSleep in 2015. Her knowledge, work ethic, and passion for supporting families is what has allowed her to move up as a senior consultant and further as the team’s Success Specialist.

Whether it’s working with her own clients, or supporting the other WeeSleep consultants and their clients, Stephanie’s ultimate goal is to make every parent feel heard and supported. The sleep coaching journey is about the entire family – not just the little one; and so it is important to Stephanie that families know that she has both parents and little one’s best interests in mind when guiding them through the program.

Stephanie is a mother of two grade schoolers who both still sleep a solid 10-12 hours each night. When she is not helping tired families, you can find her walking her dogs, with the kids at the hockey arena, or enjoying a coffee and a good book.


– Cameron & Avery’s Mom


It keeps getting better and better! Thank you, Stephanie

We have stuck to our plan and it keeps getting better and better! No more protesting before sleep, naps are longer + nights are restful for everyone. Just wanted to write to say thank you Stephanie. - Christina Budd

WeeSleep has completely changed our life.

WeeSleep has completely changed our life. After many sleepless nights I knew I needed some guidance. WeeSleep customized a program that aligned with each of my children’s needs and achieved all of our goals. With a step by step program my children are able to self soothe, enjoy long naps, sleep through the night and give us the sleep we need as well. I can’t thank WeeSleep enough for their support from start to finish and never giving up! - Marni Harvey / @marnidanielle

Thank you Stephanie, you’re the best!

Stephanie you are the besssssttt! This has been such a good thing, start to finish. I'm especially grateful for your support through it all. Thank you thank you thank you. “N” thanks you too. If you ever find yourself in NYC please let me know! - Janice Alida / - @janicealida