Consultant Bio

Serina Nicholson

Sault Ste. Marie

Serina’s experience as a mom of two and a full-time surgical nurse has equipped her with the skills to help you and your little one sleep through the night. Serina is a nurturing and compassionate nurse who works well under pressure. Long nights on the surgical unit have cultivated her organizational and decision-making skills, while caring for her patients has taught Serina to be emotionally attuned and highly empathetic.

As a busy and attentive mom of two energetic children, Serina understands the value of naps and a good night’s sleep. She also knows first-hand the desperation of trying to help a baby struggling with sleep. Her daughter Claire has never had any trouble sleeping, whether at naptime or bedtime. Her littlest one, Jack, on the other hand, was a fussy baby; he struggled to sleep through the nights and it was difficult putting him down for a nap. After months of sleepless nights and tears from both baby and mom, Serina knew she had to do something to help Jack sleep through the night. Once she completed the WeeSleep course, she used the WeeSleep method and that finally helped Jack sleep through the night. Jack was Serina’s first success story, and he now sleeps 11-12 hours every night on his own. After catching up on some sleep herself, she knew she had a passion to help other parents and babies struggling with sleep.

When she’s not coaching parents and babies, you’ll find Serina relaxing with a glass of wine in the kitchen or playing outside with her kids and husband. She loves to cook new dishes for friends and family, and she enjoys camping and fishing with her husband and kids.
Enjoy a well-deserved, restful sleep, and get back to enjoying life fully with Serina’s help.


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