Consultant Bio

Nicole Priddle, WeeSleep, Sleep Consultant


A Little About Nicole


Nicole began her career as a sleep consultant after sleep coaching her son, James, at 3 months and seeing how quickly her little guy was sleeping through the night on his own and how much he was loving it! She had experienced first-hand how sleep deprivation can impact a household and she was amazed by the positive effects healthy sleep had on her son, her relationship, and the entire family’s general well-being. Nicole knew that she wanted to help others to realize that they do not need to earn the “Sleepless Night Badge of Honour” to be a successful parent.

Nicole wants to show families how they can get their lives back and how much more focused, patient, loving and present a rested parent can be with their little ones. She is excited to give the gift of healthy sleep to other sleep deprived families with WeeSleep’s tried and true gentle, loving and guided strategies.

Nicole loves working with clients in Edmonton and surrounding areas, and around the globe to help them get the healthy, consolidated sleep we all need and deserve.


– James and Penelope’s mom


Thank you for all your help, Nicole

Hey Nicole I know our time is over, but I wanted to thank you again for all your help. We’re so happy to have a baby who sleeps through the night, and FINALLY getting on track with her naps. They are lasting 30 mins minimum to about an hour and 10 mins !! Finally feels like we’re getting something here so thank you for all your help and helping us get our sweet girls in the proper path to GREAT sleep ❤

Thank you Nicole, you’re a God send!

Our 18 month old was waking up to 4x per night and was reliant on her soother. After just three days of the sleep program she was sleeping through the night with no soother. Nicole at WeeSleep has been a god send! We are sleeping well now and have more energy and fun throughout the day. Thanks Nicole!

We got some much needed us time again…

At 12 weeks in our baby girl was dependent on a soother and her momaroo chair. We didn’t have a nap schedule and she would wake several times through the night. After a week she was no longer using a soother or her momaroo chair and sleeping 12 hours at night with one feeding. I would recommend Nicole in a heart beat to any new parent! Thank you so much Nicole for helping us regain some of our time back. As much as you can have with a newborn that is. We got some much needed us time again.

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