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Natalie Moran, WeeSleep, Sleep Consultant


A Little About Natalie

Natalie was introduced to WeeSleep at a time when she was going through some difficult transitions. Her daughter, Isla, was a terrible sleeper and relied on her mama to feed, rock and bounce her to sleep. While adjusting to the challenges of being a new mom, Natalie was also on her way to becoming a single parent and dreaded returning to full-time work as a paramedic. She was worried about what life would be like if she didn’t resolve their sleep problems. Fortunately, the WeeSleep program worked like a charm and gave Natalie the reassurance that she could go to work rested, and Isla would get the healthy sleep she needs, through the night for any caregiver.

Having had such a positive experience, when the opportunity presented itself to become a WeeSleep consultant, Natalie thought it would be great opportunity. For both professions, Natalie’s clients look to her for help when they are most vulnerable. As a sleep consultant, Natalie provides a solution to get their families sleep back on track when they need it most. The gift of sleep allows parents to feel like they can tackle day to day tasks and be more present for their families and work instead of struggling through each day, exhausted.

WeeSleep has changed Natalie’s life in another wonderful way. When Isla was one, Natalie was able to go on a week-long trip to Costa Rica, confident that her baby had become an independent sleeper and would be easy for family to care for. It was on this trip that she met her husband.

Today, Isla is now big sister to baby Jagger and Natalie is married to her soulmate. If you’re looking forward to life-changing moments but want to prioritize sleep first, Natalie will provide the guidance you need!


– Isla + Jagger’s Mom


Thank you Natalie Moran from Stephanie D.

Natalie was very responsive and supportive. We struggled with naps and I don't think we could have followed through without her help. Even though sleep training had its tough moments I'm very glad we went ahead with it. Things worked out great!  -  Stephanie Dondo. (Jackson)

Thank you Natalie Moran from Nico’s Mom

My husband and I were very reluctant about sleep training. Our son was waking up every hour or two at night and hardly napping during the day, so after 7 months of not sleeping we contacted Natalie. It was the best decision and investment we could have ever done for our family!! Just by the 15 minute phone consultation I felt comfortable with Natalie. She is so easy to talk to and gave us the confidence we needed to move forward. Her clear routine and schedule is exactly what my little guy needed. After one night my son was sleeping 12 hours straight! We couldn’t believe it! Also, he went from having less than 30 minute naps to napping 45 minutes to an hour and a half! I was ready to quit breastfeeding, but after following the schedule I was able to continue. The program works and Natalie is there every step of the way. It was so comforting knowing there was someone to talk to and turn to”. – Samantha Spidalieri (Nico)

Thank you Natalie Moran from Connor’s Mom

Despite reading the blogs, the books and following sleep consultants on Instagram I could not get our 8month old to sleep through the night or have a reasonable wake up time. I was frustrated because he was sleeping 12-14 hours a night plus three naps from 6wks to 4months. All in the span of a month we went on holidays for 3 weeks to the camper, our son hit the 4month regression, plus had a HUGE growth spurt that he started to wake at night for feeds. After 4 months of 2-3 wakings for feedings at night, starting his day at 3:30am and limited nap time I finally contacted Natalie. She was a dream to work with she LISTENED to what we were comfortable with and helped us change our sons schedule. By night 4 our son was sleeping through the night or able to put himself back to sleep if he woke up. We have stretched his morning start time to about 5am (still a work in progress) he has slept as long as 7 though. I highly recommend Natalie she was very involved, actually read the daily updates AND provided feedback, and she listened to what was best for our family and now we have a sleeping baby!” - Kendra Toporowski (Connor)

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