Consultant Bio

Natalie Cavaco, WeeSleep, Sleep Consultant


A Little About Natalie

Natalie became passionate about healthy sleep following the birth of her daughter. Despite all the research she did to prepare, Natalie found herself at a loss when she couldn’t get her little one to sleep. After six exhausting months of hourly wakeups (!!) and conflicting advice from books, the internet, and friends, Natalie decided to enlist the help of a sleep consultant and the experience was life-changing.

Very quickly, everyone started getting the sleep they needed and Natalie’s daughter became more well-rested and content. The process had such a positive impact on Natalie and her family that she decided to become certified as an infant & toddler sleep consultant to share her experience and help other tired families get the sleep they need.

Sleep is fundamental to a child’s health, development, and well-being, and Natalie knows firsthand just how difficult it can be to get your little one to sleep and how scary “sleep training” can sound to parents. With her warm personality, genuine desire to help, and background as a CA, CPA, Natalie has a natural ability to understand unique situations and build strong and supportive relationships with her clients. Natalie would be thrilled to work with you to develop a customized plan to help your little one sleep soundly through the night and nap during the day in a gentle and loving manner.


– Sienna’s Mom


Thank you Natalie Cavaco, you’re such a kind and understanding soul

Natalie is such a kind and understanding soul - perfect combo for helping a tired and anxious mama like me! Even though I had an extremely stubborn 3 month old to work with, Natalie’s patience was always enough to get me through each day and night during our sleep training time together. For anyone who is hesitant to ask for help, don’t be afraid! If there is one person on this planet who you would want on your side during you and your baby’s path to sleep (and sanity)... It. Is. Natalie.

Thank you Natalie Cavaco, you’re so supportive!

From the first time I talked to Natalie during the free 15 minute phone consult, working with her has been such a great experience! (I should have signed up then and enjoyed an extra few months of sleep lol) My 7 month old hadn’t been sleeping well since she was 3.5 months old and I had tried sleep training on my own without a lot of success. Natalie put a plan in place and within a few days she started sleeping through the night and having two naps that are 1-2 hours long per day. She was so supportive throughout the process and I found it so helpful to have someone to ask questions to and just be reassured along the way. I would absolutely recommend Natalie to any tired parents who need some guidance in the sleep department!

I’m so incredibly thankful, Natalie Cavaco

I worked with Natalie and our 5 month old daughter. I was nervous about sleep training a baby but also wanted to set her up for success as she gets older. Within days, yes days, my daughter was putting herself to sleep in her room as well as taking the longest naps she’s ever taken. I’m blown away and so incredibly thankful. Natalie is supportive and understanding and there every step of the way. I’d highly recommend Natalie whether you have a young baby or toddler - it gave me a piece of my sanity back.

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