Consultant Bio

Nancy Singh

Baltimore, MD

Nancy found her calling as a sleep consultant after thirteen years of motherhood. She first contacted the WeeSleep team as a client, and quickly grew fond of their mission. Her goal as a consultant is to share her passion for sleep training, and give client’s the peace of mind they deserve. Nancy has a degree in early childhood education, and has worked as a Montessori teacher. Her baby fever is never ending; she has surrounded herself with little ones for as long as she can remember, and has an extreme love for children.

Nancy’s first child struggled with sleep deprivation, and after trying endless methods nothing worked. So naturally she learned to sleep train her second. After sleep training on her own; 10 years later she was back to square one. Nancy reached out to WeeSleep looking for a support system to train her third. Whilst training her own child she ended up with both a well slept baby, and her passion for sleep training. A baby who knows how to sleep is a must in her experience. Not only can Nancy enjoy a full nights rest, but with her team of babysitters (her other children) she can even indulge in a night out!

Nancy’s journey as a mother has been nothing less than profound. She has enjoyed every step of the way; all the up’s and even the downs. Her Indian/Punjabi roots have helped her grow as a mother. Nancy speaks both Hindi and Punjabi, and understands all the struggles that come with the rich culture. When she’s not sleep training; Nancy enjoys binging Netflix, grabbing her much needed starbucks, and taking a well deserved nap. Her humor and caring attitude has proven her dedication to her work at WeeSleep.


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