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Melissa never realized how much she liked her sleep until Mister Jaxon turned 2! This is when she finally reached out to WeeSleep to see how they could get her family back to the routine of sleeping.

Becoming a WeeSleep consultant was something she always thought about doing but it was never the right time. Now that her son is getting older, she wants to share her great experience that she had with WeeSleep with tired parents out there.

Along with being a WeeSleep consultant, Melissa is a Child and Youth Worker working with children who have autism. Before falling in love with the CYW field, she studied Child Development.

Melissa is ready to get you and your family sleeping so you can live life to the fullest!

Fun facts:
Jaxon’s mom


Thank you Melissa! I love having a good night sleeper!

With Melissa's expertise, Amelia went from falling asleep anywhere between 10pm and midnight to falling asleep every night by 7pm. This consistency has allowed me to work from home and put my feet up! I love having a good night sleeper and a happy baby in the morning! - Shannon

Melissa’s approach was gentle and effective!

Melissa’s approach was gentle and effective. We did not want to leave Sophie crying by herself for long periods of time and we were able to achieve our goals without doing that. Sophie was an amazing sleeper until the 4-month sleep regression and then all was lost. We tried everything! I slept in her room on a chair, we co-slept, we fed to sleep, and I even spent nights with her sleeping on top of me surrounded by pillows. We tried everything and the lack of sleep was affecting all of us in a negative way. After the sleep program, our lives have changed dramatically in a positive way! We’re all so much happier, we’re rested and motivated to do things again! - Katrina

Thank you Melissa! I can’t say enough wonderful things about you.

Thank you Melissa! I can’t say enough wonderful things about you and the rescue me program. It helped my son and I so much! He now has the skills to put himself to sleep on his own and does so for every nap and bedtime since we enrolled in the program. If your little one is struggling with sleep, I highly recommended contacting Melissa! Our family is so happy we did! “ - Leah

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