Consultant Bio

MASIEL MELENDEZ, WeeSleep, Baby Sleep Consultant


A Little About Masiel

Before Masiel became a WeeSleep consultant, she was a client. At the time she was a first-time mom and remembers how much she had to unlearn to be able to apply the guidance she was receiving. She is now dedicated to helping others by breaking myths around sleeping, teaching the importance of forming healthy sleep habits, and showing how these habits can positively impact the whole family.

If you have a child who struggles to sleep, Masiel understands the frustration you may feel because she experienced it herself. She will guide you through a custom plan according to your child’s needs and age, while also taking into account your family dynamic. She welcomes all parents who need sleep guidance, including those who are more comfortable speaking Spanish or share her Latin American background. Her clients appreciate her genuinely friendly personality and the strong relationships they form as she supports them along their sleep journey.


– Lorena and Alana’s mom

– Fluent in Spanish


Thank you from Vanessa

Bedtime for the entire family was a negative, stress-inducing moment. We were a bit skeptical and thought it was not going to work. But we were WRONG! Now my 3yo goes to sleep ON HER OWN and the bedtime routine is better for her siblings as well, leaving time for the adults to relax at night. Masiel was very patient with our many questions and doubts and reassuring and warm every time we felt like giving up. - Vanessa | Brantford, ON, Canada

Thank you for the dedication and patience, Masiel.

Masiel, thank you for the dedication and patience during the Sleep Training process for Elena. The first nights we thought we wouldn’t be able to go through this, that what we are living now, was just a dream that would never come true! Now, we have a baby that naps independently, she manages to associate the ‘sleeping’ elements in an incredible way, enjoys her routines and if she could talk, she herself would demand it. - Celeste & Tomás | Dominican Republic

We are so very thankful you were able to help us, Masiel.

Masiel, we are so very thankful you were able to help us through this process. We are truly grateful for using the sleep training method for naps and bedtime. Oscar, 8 mo, is sleeping through the night, his overall mood has been so happy and cheerful now he is getting the proper amount of sleep. I would for sure recommend this method of sleep training and your service!   - Stephanie Kivell | Hamilton, ON, Canada

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