Consultant Bio

Cristina Catalanotto, WeeSleep, Sleep Consultant


A Little About Cristina

From the very beginning, Cristina has had the child that every sleep-deprived mom dreams of. During those first precious months of parenting, when many struggle to get their infant to sleep through the night, Cristina and her husband were sleeping soundly. Their son was, and continues to be, a great sleeper.

Now five years old, he has already made several trips overseas like a seasoned pro. He sleeps on the plane and adjusts well to six-hour time zone changes. For Cristina, travel is part of who she is, so having a child who can join her as a rested and happy companion is important.

What’s her secret? Cristina will tell you she had a natural ability of guiding her son to have the best sleep possible, in any situation. But when it came to helping her friends achieve the same results with their babies, she wasn’t confident that what worked for her would work for them. Armed with a strong desire to help her friends and others experience the freedom that comes from a great night’s sleep, Cristina decided to train to become a WeeSleep consultant. She now has the expertise to help everyone enjoy life with a new baby that sleeps well.

What would you do if you had a well-rested baby? For Cristina, it has allowed her to maintain the life of a traveller. She wants every parent to have the freedom that comes with a happy, serene baby. Let her help you guide your little one to become a dream baby too.


– Marcus’ mom

– Fluent in Italian


Our family cannot thank Cristina from Weesleep enough!

Here is a little thank you to show our appreciation for Camila’s sleep transformation! Our family cannot thank Cristina from Weesleep enough! Not only has it changed the way our little one sleeps, but the way our whole family sleeps! Her gentle approach was comforting for both baby and us. Cristina listened to our needs and allowed the process to happen organically, along with the training. With life being busy, not everyday can be perfect and on schedule, but with the training, our little one adapts so well. Not only are we well rested, but we are all so happy! Thank you Cristina for changing our sleep! - Celia

Cristina, grazie di tutto, sei stata fantastica!

Ciao Cristina! Va molto meglio adesso. Io sono piu' rilassata ed Emily si addormenta da sola senza piangere, non ci avrei mai creduto. Sono contenta che sia stata tu la nostra sleep consultant, ti chiami come me e sei pure italiana. Se avro' qualche domanda, ti scrivero' una email. Mi farebbe piacere sentirci ogni tanto, cosi ti faro' sapere anche del nostro viaggio in Italia. Grazie di tutto, sei stata fantastica!

Cristina was great. I highly recommend her service

Cristina was great. I highly recommend her service. My daughter is 12 months old so I’m a tad late to the game. Before signing up Mia was waking 3-4 times a night and night feeding. Within 4 days Mia was sleeping through the night. Cristina was always available to answer any questions I had and address any concerns. My daughter now wakes up happier and I look rested again lol. 5 stars all the way ❤️

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