Consultant Bio

Claudia Dammen

Sparks, NV

Claudia is originally from Peru and moved to California, USA when she was 12 years old. In 2018, Claudia relocated to Reno, Nevada to start a new journey in life together with her husband. Claudia enjoys exploring the outdoors, hiking the Sierras, camping among the Redwood trees accompanied by her husband, daughter and her “puppy” Eva. 

Claudia is a Trained AMI Montessori Guide who has a strong passion for the growth and discovery of the child. Her love for children started at a very early age which inspired her career as a Teacher and need to guide children and their families. Claudia started working with children since the age of 15 years and has been assisting them in their development for over 16 years. 

When her daughter, Isabel was born, the enormous joy of becoming a new parent took over her household along with the many sleepless nights. Although Claudia strongly believed that her daughter would eventually start sleeping through the night; the reality was that her daughter’s sleep was actually getting worse overtime. The amount of night-wakings were increasing, the amount of time rocking her daughter to sleep at night was lengthening, the multiple attempts of replacing a pacifier in the middle of the night created so much anxiety at nighttime. Her family was falling apart, the energy was diminishing, the sleepless nights were creating so many hardships and irritability in her household; the joy of parenting was diminishing. 

Claudia was originally introduced to WeeSleep by a family member when her daughter was 4.5 months old. With the guidance, support, and education of a WeeSleep Consultant, her daughter started to sleep through the night after the second night! Witnessing the positive impacts of having a well-rested child and parents really transformed Claudia’s view on parenthood and sleep!

After such a life-changing experience with the program, Claudia decided to join the WeeSleep Dream Team to help any other parents who are experiencing the negative impacts of sleepless nights. Claudia’s new profound passion for sleep continues by helping and educating families around her community, nationally and globally  to attain the sleep all families deserve to be the best version of themselves.


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