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Cara Myre, WeeSleep, Sleep Consultasnt


A Little About Cara


Cara helps tired families across the globe live rested lives! Whether you are coming home with a new baby, your toddler is experiencing sleep regressions, or your school aged child won’t stay in their bed, Cara has got the sleep solution for your family. With thorough consultations, personal coaching and support, she will guide you and your family to a night of peaceful rest again.

As a mom to two busy boys, Cara knows just how important sleep is to raising children. She also understands how debilitating lack of sleep can be. She has always been a big fan of sleep – napping, getting extra zzzz’s on the weekend, you name it – until her first little one came along and taught her that sleep doesn’t always come easy. This, combined with her love of supporting other moms and their babes, led her to become a Sleep Consultant with WeeSleep. Cara holds an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Guelph, with continued education in Adult Learning and Development. Her natural ability to teach, coupled with a genuine and friendly personality, allows her to form strong and supportive relationships with each of her clients.

Teaching your child important life skills is what you do as a parent and teaching your child to sleep shouldn’t be any different. Together you and Cara will do just that: develop completely custom, supportive and guided solutions for you, because proper sleep is vital for each member of your family. Together we will develop personalized sleep solutions that work.


– Elliot + Myles’ Mom


Our only regret is not hiring them sooner!

We are delighted with the fantastic results we received with WeeSleep. Thanks to Cara's guidance and support our little one went from waking every hour to sleeping through the night within a few days! GAME. CHANGER. No more cat naps, and no more 3am Googling for answers. We are completely confident with our sleep routine now. The final handbook is super helpful when it comes to adapting the routine for travel, events, daylight savings, and developmental transitions. I cannot recommend WeeSleep enough. Our only regret is not hiring them sooner! - Nara, Ada’s mom

She’s slept through the night every night since we started this program!

She’s slept through the night every night since we started this program except one and is rocking nap time! I’ve seen such an improvement!. @allisonmathisjones - Allison Mathis Jones

Sleep Training is magic!

“Sleep training is magic, I swear!” - @everydayharts - Lindsay Hart

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