Consultant Bio

Anne Del Valle, WeeSleep, Sleep Consultant


A Little About Anne


Anne, a Californian, is a lover of life, family, food, and sleep! Anne is a wife and a mother to a fun-loving toddler boy.

After becoming a new mom, Anne was filled will excitement and joy. She also quickly realized the sleep deprivation that came along with caring for a newborn. After a close friend recommended WeeSleep, Anne decided to pursue a sleep coaching career and join the WeeSleep Dream Team.

In coaching her own baby boy, Anne was amazed at how quickly her son learned to sleep on his own and how well rested he became. Formerly sleepless nights had turned into healthy sleep for her family, and ultimately, she was left with a newfound confidence in motherhood.

It was that experience that drove Anne to help families locally and around the globe.

Anne believes that motherhood is not meant to be survived, but to be spent thriving. She takes a compassionate, educated, thorough and parent-supportive approach with families. She is a passionate mama with a love for children and she is committed to helping parents. When it comes to sleep, Anne’s motto is “Do not suffer in silence”, you and your baby deserve to sleep, and Anne is here to help!


– D.J’s Mom


Thank you Anne Del Valle from Sofia Rad

The best decision we’ve ever made!! My husband and I were going on 5 months of no sleep, we were tired frustrated and barely making it through the day. Then in one day, I stumbled across Anne Del Valle on Mrs. Patels IG and I immediately connected with everything she had to say about sleep coaching. Immediately I scheduled my first interview and was counting down the days to get started. Anne is the sweetest, most understanding,supportive and caring sleep coach! She reassured me that the sleep issues my daughter was having were not my fault and they could/ would be fixed 10 days have gone by and now my 5 month old sleeps 11-12hrs a night and takes 3 great naps during the day (I’m still shocked) I’m a better and happier mom/wife thanks to Anne/ Wee Sleep Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!

Thank you Anne from the bottom of our hearts

Looking  back on our last conversation I remember being sleep deprived,desperate and in need of help. Being sleep deprived for over 5 months really gets to you! Finding  Anne Del Valle and you’re team at Wee Sleep was a God sent. Anne changed my whole life for the better, I’m not kidding. Thanks to Anne I’m now a better mommy/ wife, I look forward to everyday and I’m rested. Anne was professional, inteligente, caring, thoughtful, understanding and always there if I had a question or doubted if I was doing the right thing. It’s been such a pleasure to learn from her and see such a big change in my baby girl! She now enjoys her new nap/bedtime routine, she’s efficiently eating during the day, her tummy problems have subsided and she’s a happier baby! There were moments that my husband and I doubted the process or weren’t sure if we were doing the right thing but, Anne was always there to reassure us that we were following program and doing everything properly I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all you do for struggling parents and THANK YOU for having Anne as part of your team! She’s the absolute best ❤️

Thank you Anne, you’re amazing!

Anne Del Valle!! She is the most amazing person to work with, on top of knowing her stuff and being extremely educated on sleep training! There were times of frustration BUT with Anne’s support and motivation she always ended up being right! My little man has come such a long way in just two weeks and we couldn’t thank Anne enough! She truly cares about the well being of you and your kid(s) and is super patient and just all around such a great person! I highly recommend WeeSleep! Anne in particular! I’m sure all the sleep trainers are great! Anne thank you so much for you everything! Out of all this, feel like I’ve gained a new friend and an awesome mama herself! Xo

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