Consultant Bio

Amy Hill

Ardrossan, AB

Picture waking up feeling well rested and going about your day with the energy that only sleep can bring. Does that seem like a far-off dream?

It felt that way to Amy when her maternity leave was coming to an end. Her son was 10 months old and still depended on his mamma to nurse him to sleep. Amy knew she had to change this situation before she went back to work. There was no way she could continue getting up several times a night and expect to be alert for her job. She decided to seek the help of a sleep consultant. From Day 1, sleep training started making huge, positive changes that benefited everyone in the family. Her son learned to sleep independently without help from mom, and Amy was catching up on long-overdue sleep as well. Gone are the nights when Amy spent endless hours trying to rock her little guy to sleep. Now he loves his naps and will sleep at least 12 hours through the night. As a bonus, anyone, including his dad, grandparents and caregiver, can put him to bed with absolutely no issues.
Amy had such an amazing, inspiring experience sleep training her baby, she made it her mission to help other families achieve the same success that she did. Amy loves educating, guiding and helping parents give their exhausted little ones the gift of sleep.

Whether you are going back to work soon, or you just need sleep now – like, immediately! – Amy will work with you and keep encouraging you to push through until you achieve the rest you and your baby need.


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