Tuesday February 18th, 2020 // 8-9pm EST // $20 CAD

Does your baby or toddler wake up during the night? Is bedtime a struggle?

Diana Martins, Certified Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant with WeeSleep, will offer a virtual sleep seminar to answer all of your baby and toddler sleep questions!

Diana will discuss the importance of sleep—how much sleep babies need, and how many naps they require at various ages—as well as common baby sleep challenges, and important tips that can get parents started on the road to great sleep for baby.

Diana will also be available to answer individual questions. Let’s get some amazing, healthy rest for the whole family!

WeeSleep’s methods are gentle, loving, and guided. WeeSleep’s goals are to help you help your little one learn a strategy for falling asleep on their own, to help them sleep through the night (10-12 hours, straight!) and get on a proper nap schedule within WeeSleep’s 10-day sleep program.

All from the comfort of your home computer.

If you would like to learn more about WeeSleep, please visit weesleep.ca

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