My husband and I were desperate for a good night of sleep by the time we contacted Janey. Our baby girl, who had just turned 7 months of age had not slept through the night since the day she was born! We kept hoping that this was something that she would grow out of, but that wasn’t happening. In fact, the night wakings were getting more frequent and it was getting more difficult to get her to go back to sleep. We were also struggling to get her to nap during the day.
We read almost every mainstream baby sleep resource out there and tried a multitude of methods; however, nothing seemed to work consistently. After 7 months of not sleeping, we were feeling exhausted and irritable a lot of the time. Is this what it is going to be like for us for the next few years, we wondered?
We discovered Janey and Wee Sleep on the recommendation of friends who had gone through some sleep issues with their baby. Janey helped them get their daughter’s sleeping issues sorted out and they sang Janey’s praises. We thought, “What have we got to lose? We’ve tried everything!”
When we had our first consult with Janey, my impression of her was, and still is, that she is professional, confident, and caring. My husband and I knew that we were in good hands and we trusted her completely. She gathered information about our baby and used that information to develop a customized plan specifically for us. Best of all, her sleep plan was realistic, gentle and loving in its approach. It worked in less time than we thought and was not difficult to implement. In just a few days, our little one had gone from waking 2 to 3 times a night to sleeping independently with minimal fussing. Her daytime naps got much better as well.
Our family now finally gets a full night of sleep and it has done wonders for our physical and emotional well being. I am very grateful that we found Janey and that she helped us. It is my hope that if you are reading this and your family is having sleep issues that you will call upon Janey for assistance. Thank you, Janey!
The Wright Family
Ottawa, ON