Thank you so much for your help. It took us a few months to decide to hire you. A lot of people said we could get Dylan sleeping on our own. Maybe we could have, but it would have taken much longer and I don’t think we would have gotten this type of consistency we have now.
Dylan never really slept through the night. His naps were inconsistent and some times non-existence. We were exhausted and we had read every sleep book out there. Nothing seemed to work.
We finally hired you and the first night everything changed!!! Dylan now sleeps at least ten hours ever night and has two solid naps a day. It was so nice to talk to someone and get answers to your questions. It was also wonderful to have a clear plan to follow taking all the guess work out of it.
Janey, through this process you have been patient, supportive and kind. Thank you for helping make our family happier and healthier.
Lots of love,
Rich, Kristen and Dylan