Dear Janey,
I want to officially thank you for giving us the wonderful gift of sleep! When I initially contacted you, Jack was 9 months old and still waking up once or twice during the night. I had been following your success stories for a couple of months and thought: “oh, wouldn’t that be nice to have my baby sleep through the night”! I just kept thinking that the stars would align one night and Jack would start sleeping like those babies I read about. Some nights would be great, but then he would start another cycle of waking up during the night (or waking very early in the morning) and not go back to sleep on his own. After our first consultation you provided a simple sleep plan tailored to our little Jack and we saw improvements within a couple of days. With a proper nap schedule and sleeping longer stretches, Jack was so much happier! I found what helped the most was that you were there to guide us through the first two weeks. In addition, any time I have a quick question regarding changes in his routine you are always willing to give a word of advice.
I recently returned to work and don’t know how I would have managed this transition if Jack was not sleeping through the night. With your help, we were able to work through the early morning wake-ups and most nights he will sleep 12 hours straight! Since Jack has become a more independent sleeper he also seems more adaptable to sleeping in new environments and if his schedule is off, we can easily get back on track.
Janey, if I could change one thing, I would have contacted you sooner! I truly admire your dedication to helping tired Mom’s and babies all over the world.
Thank you again,
Heather, Steve & Jack