Dear Janey,
Our little man Dax will be approaching 1 year March 1st…crazy to believe. A few months ago if you asked me if Dax has ever slept through the night my response would be a sarcastic laugh and a “that’ll be the day” He would be up many times through the night and each night seemed to be getting worse as time went on. We called Janey and she saved us “more so me” from having a major meltdown. The sleep deprivation had taken it s toll and we needed help.
She was so kind, supportive, understanding, positive and most importantly she gave us the confidence we needed to see Dax’s new sleep plan into place. Her support for the days to follow was amazing!!! Going above and beyond is a understatement. Dax went from waking every couple hours to sleeping 10-12 hours a night now. If you don t want the mind set of “just getting through the day” anymore because you are so sleep deprived call Janey she will help you and your babe conquer this!!!!

Thanks Janey for making our precious babe a great sleeper…he loves it and his mommy LOVES it even more 🙂
– Amanda & Justin