Despite reading the blogs, the books and following sleep consultants on Instagram I could not get our 8month old to sleep through the night or have a reasonable wake up time. I was frustrated because he was sleeping 12-14 hours a night plus three naps from 6wks to 4months. All in the span of a month we went on holidays for 3 weeks to the camper, our son hit the 4month regression, plus had a HUGE growth spurt that he started to wake at night for feeds. After 4 months of 2-3 wakings for feedings at night, starting his day at 3:30am and limited nap time I finally contacted Natalie. She was a dream to work with she LISTENED to what we were comfortable with and helped us change our sons schedule. By night 4 our son was sleeping through the night or able to put himself back to sleep if he woke up. We have stretched his morning start time to about 5am (still a work in progress) he has slept as long as 7 though. I highly recommend Natalie she was very involved, actually read the daily updates AND provided feedback, and she listened to what was best for our family and now we have a sleeping baby!” – Kendra Toporowski (Connor)