“We hired Lisa to help us with our 7 month-old’s incessant night wakings – 6 or more times a night, EVERY NIGHT. She had been co-sleeping and feeding on demand throughout the night since the day after she was born, so her habit of crying and ending up in bed with mama was fully formed. We had tried on our own to cut out the night feedings and have her stay in her crib, but after a couple of solo attempts and the ensuing consecutive hours of crying in the middle of the night ending with her in our bed anyways, we knew we needed help.
Lisa was understanding and empathetic, but she was also tough and committed – this toughness as well as her confidence in the plan as laid out for us was what pushed us through the rough nights and got us to the rested place we are today. We’ve just finished night 10 and our baby slept 11 hours straight without waking once – I never thought this day would come! She turned a major corner in the middle of this plan, but it truly did take the full 10 days for things to even out and become the new normal. She now wakes up happy and ready for a great day, a complete contrast to our experience before sleep coaching.
The customized plan itself was a wonderful resource, but Lisa’s attention, daily consultation and assurances were what made the difference for us. Our whole family is very appreciative and thankful to Lisa for her help!!
If you want to sleep, hire Lisa! “