My husband and I were never really sure we wanted to sleep train our little guy. We were too leery of the “cry-it-out” versions and we were considering a more “attachment parenting” way of life. That was until Jasper turned 7 months old, and things were going from difficult to worse. We reached a point when we realized that a little tough love goes a long way. We needed to teach our son how to get more rest and become a healthier, happier baby. But we knew we needed help. We feel so lucky to have found you and your program! Our first Skype meeting with you was great, very warm and personal. It felt like we knew you for years and we were talking to an experienced friend. From day 1, you assured us that this was going to work for our son even though we were hesitant, and that gave us enough confidence to move forward with it 100%. The first few days were challenging emotionally, as they always are when parents and babies work through this process. But the bright side is that you gave us a very clear plan and organized our schedule for us so all we had to do was follow the plan. You answered our numerous questions and “what if” scenarios which is something no books or blogs could’ve done for us. We felt supported and confident every time we talked with you. By the end of the 10 days Jasper was sleeping through the night with excellent abilities to self soothe. Naps took a bit longer, as you said they would, but eventually, we got it down to a science. The information packet you gave us as a parting gift gave us great tools to work through naps, traveling, and daylight savings. My husband and I have been well equipped to manage things on our own and Jasper has been an all-star sleeper. Our families can’t believe it!
Tiffany, Shrujal & Jasper