Hi Janey!
Before we started the WeeSleep program, Aydin’s sleep patterns were non-existent. Waking every 45-60 min, only nodding off in Mama’s arms, being cranky for lack of sleep and erratic eating were all the norm. May was near ill from sheer exhaustion; holding Aydin and even just trying to get a few minutes sleep, by bringing Aydin into bed with us.
Now, after just 10 short days (UNBELIEVABLY, Aydin slept thru the night on night 2!!! WOOOHOOO!) Aydin sleeps a good 12-14 hrs overnight, and has two healthy naps during the day!
We cannot express how life changing the program has been for us. We HIGHLY reccomend WeeSleep to anyone who has a little one. Not only has it created a healthy sleeper of our little one, his sleeping well has solved numerous other challenges too!
May had read so many different books and views on getting our baby to sleep, and while all of it made “scientific” sense, making some sort of appliable method out of it all, was simply daunting! Janey created a customized program for Aydin that was implemented immediately, and was always ready with tips and adjustments.
Thanks Janey!
Aydin, May and Anthony