Diana is a GODSEND! Our 19 month old son was never a good sleeper and my wife and I kept hoping that it would magically get better over time. We heard and read about sleep training and even purchased a course (which provided an overload of info but no other support), but never followed through with it for one reason or another. After being sleep deprived for 1.5 years and waking up anywhere between 2-6 times a night, enough was enough. My wife heard about Diana through Instagram and we are so grateful to have worked with her! She is so welcoming and easy to talk to. She answers questions thoroughly and never leaves you feeling like you have to go through sleep training alone. Of course you as the parents are the ones doing the work, but the support and guidance makes a world of a difference. My wife and I can’t thank Diana enough!! If you can’t decide if sleep training right for you and your little one- work with Diana, you won’t regret it!

P.S.- This review is so long overdue (we sleep trained in February 2021) but that just goes to show how much we think about Diana and how it was the one of best decision we’ve made for our family!