A thank you does not seem adequate enough to express how we feel after using Amber as our sleep consultant for our daughter.

At around 4-5 months old, Halle was starting to wake up 1-3 times a night. Sometimes, she was up for over an hour. She would nap 20-40 minutes at a time and always seemed tired.  We had to dance the halls for endless amounts of time just to get her to fall asleep, then it was a struggle to not wake her as we laid her down in her bed.

After two nights of sleep training, Halle was sleeping through the night and napping for longer than an hour for both of her naps!

As the training continued, her naps got longer and easier and her nighttime sleeping was improving. We now have a happy, healthy, well rested little girl who knows how to sooth herself to sleep and mommy and daddy are getting much more rest.

Amber’s continuous support, knowledge and encouragement helped our transition so much, and we cannot thank you enough.