Niamh is the BEST! If you’re looking to increase your sleep, create a more consistent schedule, and teach your child lifelong sleep skills – working with Niamh is the answer. She is incredibly supportive, reliable, and clearly invested in the process. She was responsive and efficient throughout training, she ensured our original consult, calls, and feedback were used to answer questions and provide information that was needed!

Niamh allowed flexibility in our sleep plan for both naps and nighttime sleep. We completed our 10 day sleep training yesterday and I’ve already recommended Niamh and WeeSleep to countless friends. Objectively, our 5 month old daughter went from multiple wakings each night to waking just once a night to feed. Our daughter now loves the crib. It was amazing to see the change in how our daughter acts towards the crib and sleep in general, she is cooperative with naps and has made her own little pattern/routine for putting herself to sleep. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience and we have Niamh to thank. She was our coach and spoke like a supportive peer as she understands the process and being a mom waking at night. We received helpful feedback, encouragement, and support along the way and we now feel confident, rested, and able to take on sleep moving forward.