Senior Consultant
East Durham

A Little about Stephanie

No amount of higher learning prepares you for a non-sleeper. I graduated from the University of Guelph, prepared to take on the world. Who knew that my greatest challenge would be to teach two little babies how to sleep! It took a lot of trial and error before I successfully achieved peaceful nights. Now I’m using my knowledge and skills as a sleep consultant to help other parents avoid the sleep battles that I faced.

My experience with my own two children certainly influenced my decision to become a sleep consultant. However, it was life in the corporate world that made me yearn for a more meaningful career. I wanted to get the feeling back that I had when I taught swimming lessons to infants and children. I remember how rewarding it was to see my students accomplish a skill.

Nobody should struggle as long as I did with teaching a child to sleep. After all, a good sleep makes for a fun and happy baby. That makes everyone’s day better. Your child can learn how to sleep. I will show you how.

– Cameron & Avery’s Mom

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