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A Little about Renee

This Bachelor Season 18 alum has truly created a happy nest with her husband [middle school sweetheart], Bracy and three boys, Ben, Jax + AJ. Since becoming a sleep consultant after going through the program herself, one her favorite joys is connecting with other families and hearing the change in a mom’s voice from the start of their time together to the final call. She knows she’s succeeded once the moms sound happy and refreshed!

Renée didn’t know how tired she actually was until she experienced the energy and relaxation that 10 hours of sweet, uninterrupted sleep brought her. Two boys in two years wasn’t the easiest on her as a stay-at-home-mom, especially when both of the boys were awful sleepers. It was affecting everyone. Instead of looking forward to relaxing evenings with her husband, they were playing Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who would be on bedtime duty.

That’s all in the past. Renée heard about WeeSleep, got her own consultant and saw a change in 12-month-old AJ after the first night with the program. When older brother Jax was three, she used the program again and was in awe of how rested life became for the whole family. Once everyone started getting sleep, the home front vibe had a much nicer dynamic and the boys’ behavior changed. They were living a whole new life—one she never imagined would be attainable. For Renée, her only regret is that she didn’t know about sleep consultants sooner. The value of the program proved to be priceless.

It’s amazing the amount of positive change that trickled down from achieving happy bedtimes on a personal level. It made Renée a happier, more confident mom, wife and friend. Now she’s paying it forward, helping to make motherhood more enjoyable for others by simply giving them the lovely gift of sleep.

– Ben, Jax + AJ’s Mom

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