This package is ideal for families who have older children who simply haven’t mastered solid sleep skills yet. It is common that bad habits can take over and all of a sudden you are at a loss on how to manage and make positive sleep changes. This package will have your child falling asleep on their own, in their own bed, at an age appropriate bedtime and sleeping the night (and staying in their bed)! Your consultant will get to know your family via Skype, FaceTime, or phone, and then create a customized sleep plan that will work best for your child and your lifestyle. There is no shortage of support and education to give you the confidence and tools you need to conquer challenging sleep habits.


  • Review of sleep plan and implementation coaching (1.5 hours)
  • Sleep activities and stories for your child to help them understand the importance of healthy sleep
  • Room assessment through pictures or video
  • Telephone follow-up support (3 x 15 min phone calls in 1st week)
  • Email support (1 email per day for day 10-14 of the program)