This package is the perfect choice for new parents or parents to be to start healthy sleep habits from day 1!  When your little one is new to this great big world, there are ways you can help provide them the skills for healthy sleep right from day 1 in a very gentle way.  They will by no means be sleeping through the night at this stage, nor should they be,  given they need frequent feeds for nourishment. However, over time, with the right skills, they can transition to beautiful full night sleepers by giving them the guidance and skills as they grow. This includes a preliminary detailed questionnaire, personal remote consultation, custom sleep plan, sleep coaching and ample follow-up support.

  • Sleep consultation (1 hr)
  • Telephone follow-up support (2 x 15 min phone calls in 1stweek)
  • Email support (8 emails)
  • 20 minute phone call at 4 months to ensure everything is on track and to ensure healthy sleep is well established
  • WeeSleep Tips Handbook- This covers everything you need for down the road so your investment doesn’t go sideways in case you do not know how to handle something.  It covers; traveling, maintaining social time and naps, daylight savings, nap transitions- everything you need for things that will come up down the road.

*A perfect shower gift!

If you select the In-Home Option: your consultant will get to know your family in the comfort of your home, educate and discuss sleep and plan implementation.