A Little about Lindsey

Lindsey knows all too well the struggles with sleep and what it can do to you.  After struggling with her little one’s sleep for over 6 months she knew something had to change.  Long nights with a baby non-stop nursing was not going to cut it any longer.

Lindsey became passionate about infant and toddler sleep after she was able to experience the life-changing program first hand.  After seeing how quickly her little guy was sleeping through the night on his own and how much he was loving it she was amazed at how healthy sleep was affecting her entire family.  She knew that she wanted to help others find this new-found way of life with a little one.  Her sleep coach changed her life and she is here and ready to change yours!

Since joining WeeSleep Lindsey has added another little one to her family (and of course another WeeSleep graduate.)  Knowing so much more this time around in the sleep department she was able to help her little one learn healthy sleep habits from the early months and transition right into 10 – 12 hour nights by six months old.

No one has to wake multiple times a night, no one needs to endure sleepless nights to be a good parent and frankly, we do not have to be tired just because we have an infant or a toddler.

Each child has its own sleep difficulties and Lindsey will use her sleep knowledge along with our tried and true, gentle, loving techniques to develop a customized and easy to follow sleep plan that will have your little one sleeping through the night within 10 days!

– Calvin’s Mom

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