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Here are some letters from some of our
wonderful clients:

Here are some letters from our

wonderful clients:

Thanks from Rich, Kristen and Dylan

Thank you so much for your help. It took us a few months to decide to hire you. A lot of people said we could get Dylan sleeping on our own. Maybe we could have, but it would have taken much longer and I don’t think we would have gotten this type of consistency we have now. Dylan never really slept through the night. His naps were inconsistent and some times non-existence. We were exhausted and we had read every sleep book out there. Nothing seemed to work. We finally hired you and the first night everything changed!!! Dylan now sleeps at least ten hours ever night and has two solid naps a day. It was so nice to talk to someone and get answers to your questions. It was also wonderful to have a clear plan to follow taking all the guess work out of it. Janey, through this process you have been patient, supportive and kind. Thank you for helping make our family happier and healthier. Lots of love, Rich, Kristen and Dylan

Thanks from Kathy Peschell

I called Janey when my daughter Emily was 10 months old. We had been trying to sleep train her on our own since she was 4 months old – we tried different methods, but nothing seemed to work. In fact, things were getting worse. In the days leading up to my call to WeeSleep, Emily was waking 10 times per night and would only go back to sleep if I nursed her. I could count on one hand the number of times she had slept longer than 2 hours in a single stretch. With Janey’s help, we started to see improvement right away. Her stretches of sleep started lengthening, and she stopped nursing to sleep. Within the first week, she started sleeping through the night. Janey’s custom approach and guidance allowed us to tailor a plan that suited Emily’s needs and our family, and we’re set up for sleep success now and in the future. My only regret is that I didn’t call sooner! Kathy Peschell

Thanks from Amy & Keza

Before it gets away from me, I wanted to write a testimonial for you: Janey was a lifesaver for us! We had read all of the sleep books, but couldn’t zero in on what would work to help our child sleep better. With great care, Janey came up with a plan for us that reduced the time it took our daughter to fall asleep from over 2 hours to less than 5 minutes. We have our life back, and our daughter is happier and healthier. Thanks Janey! Amy & Keza (Kenya, SA)

Thank you from Tiffany, Shrujal & Jasper

My husband and I were never really sure we wanted to sleep train our little guy. We were too leery of the “cry-it-out” versions and we were considering a more “attachment parenting” way of life. That was until Jasper turned 7 months old, and things were going from difficult to worse. We reached a point when we realized that a little tough love goes a long way. We needed to teach our son how to get more rest and become a healthier, happier baby. But we knew we needed help. We feel so lucky to have found you and your program! Our first Skype meeting with you was great, very warm and personal. It felt like we knew you for years and we were talking to an experienced friend. From day 1, you assured us that this was going to work for our son even though we were hesitant, and that gave us enough confidence to move forward with it 100%. The first few days were challenging emotionally, as they always are when parents and babies work through this process. But the bright side is that you gave us a very clear plan and organized our schedule for us so all we had to do was follow the plan. You answered our numerous questions and “what if” scenarios which is something no books or blogs could’ve done for us. We felt supported and confident every time we talked with you. By the end of the 10 days Jasper was sleeping through the night with excellent abilities to self soothe. Naps took a bit longer, as you said they would, but eventually, we got it down to a science. The information packet you gave us as a parting gift gave us great tools to work through naps, traveling, and daylight savings. My husband and I have been well equipped to manage things on our own and Jasper has been an all-star sleeper. Our families can’t believe it! Tiffany, Shrujal & Jasper

Thanks from Nirmal

Janey, we can’t begin to thank you enough for all of your help and support through our little one’s sleep issues. We were very hesitant on using a sleep consultant at first, thinking that he would grow out of his sleep issues and all will be well. But, boy were we wrong. At 3.5 months, Jovin would not sleep on his own no matter what we tried. The endless nights of rocking him to sleep, switching back and forth from his swing to his crib and to our bed, nothing seemed to work. He needed to be swaddled and needed to have his soother all the time. Every time his soother fell out, he would cry to have one of us come back and replace it. He would wake every hour at night – cry for 40 minutes, sleep for maybe 20.. if we were lucky!! His daytime naps were, maybe, 30 minutes and even that has to be in his swing, being rocked or held the entire time. He would not sleep any longer. When I found your website online, I was at my wits end. I thought something has to work. I called you and you were extremely helpful in talking through our sleep issues and are little one’s schedule. You were reassuring, positive and professional, which really helped me believe that this would work. It was definitely worth the investment! The first night of our Sleep Training, he woke up twice through the night and took him 2 hours to fall back asleep. By the 4th night, he was sleeping 11-12 hours through the night! Now, at 6 months, Jovin is able to take 4 naps throughout the day at least one hour in length. We are working on the length of these naps but the fact that he is actually sleeping in his crib, without a swaddle, without a soother and put down awake still amazes me to this day! He goes to bed between 6-7pm every night and wakes up between 6-7am in the morning! We are all getting so much sleep! Jovin is much more happier during the day, is able to play, I’m able to take him out and about without having to worry about if he will sleep or not. So much stress has been lifted since you’ve helped us! I can only say all good things about you and your ability to help wee ones get the sleep they need. Thank you SO much! Lots of Love, Nirmal

Thanks from The Wright Family

My husband and I were desperate for a good night of sleep by the time we contacted Janey. Our baby girl, who had just turned 7 months of age had not slept through the night since the day she was born! We kept hoping that this was something that she would grow out of, but that wasn’t happening. In fact, the night wakings were getting more frequent and it was getting more difficult to get her to go back to sleep. We were also struggling to get her to nap during the day. We read almost every mainstream baby sleep resource out there and tried a multitude of methods; however, nothing seemed to work consistently. After 7 months of not sleeping, we were feeling exhausted and irritable a lot of the time. Is this what it is going to be like for us for the next few years, we wondered? We discovered Janey and Wee Sleep on the recommendation of friends who had gone through some sleep issues with their baby. Janey helped them get their daughter’s sleeping issues sorted out and they sang Janey’s praises. We thought, “What have we got to lose? We’ve tried everything!” When we had our first consult with Janey, my impression of her was, and still is, that she is professional, confident, and caring. My husband and I knew that we were in good hands and we trusted her completely. She gathered information about our baby and used that information to develop a customized plan specifically for us. Best of all, her sleep plan was realistic, gentle and loving in its approach. It worked in less time than we thought and was not difficult to implement. In just a few days, our little one had gone from waking 2 to 3 times a night to sleeping independently with minimal fussing. Her daytime naps got much better as well. Our family now finally gets a full night of sleep and it has done wonders for our physical and emotional well being. I am very grateful that we found Janey and that she helped us. It is my hope that if you are reading this and your family is having sleep issues that you will call upon Janey for assistance. Thank you, Janey! The Wright Family Ottawa, ON
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