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Here are some letters from some of our
wonderful clients:

Here are some letters from our

wonderful clients:

Thank you from Josée, Peter and Max Kuk

Dear Janey, “Thank You” just does not seem adequate enough to convey how we feel about the program and the support you provided. You have been incredible to work with. Your continuous support and encouragement, your experience and knowledge and most importantly, your confidence was reassuring and motivating throughout this process. Since birth, sleep had always been an issue with Max. He was more interested in the world around him and became easily over stimulated and overtired. Some nights, it could take us up to 6 hours to put him to sleep. He became addicted to his pacifier and swaddle. Fast forward 7 months and things just got progressively worse. Prior to contacting Janey (which was referred to us by our paediatrician), Max was waking up every hour and needed to be rocked or nursed back to sleep. Naps which had never been an issue were also beginning to deteriorate. Having read the most popular sleep books and after continuous failed attempts at implementing different sleep methods, we had lost confidence in our ability; we had lost confidence in ourselves. We felt defeated. The program is truly unbelievable. By the third night, Max was able to put himself to sleep, sleep 10-12 consecutive hours, AND able to settle himself back to sleep if he woke up in the middle of the night. As night time sleep improved, so did the naps. My overall disposition, energy, memory, relationship with my husband and friends has dramatically improved! But most importantly, our confidence as parents has been restored. There is no more stress associated with putting Max to sleep and we feel as though we have the necessary tools to maintain his great sleep habits! Janey, we cannot thank you enough! Sincerely, Josée, Peter and Max Kuk

Thanks from Amanda & Justin

Dear Janey, Our little man Dax will be approaching 1 year March 1st…crazy to believe. A few months ago if you asked me if Dax has ever slept through the night my response would be a sarcastic laugh and a “that’ll be the day” He would be up many times through the night and each night seemed to be getting worse as time went on. We called Janey and she saved us “more so me” from having a major meltdown. The sleep deprivation had taken it s toll and we needed help. She was so kind, supportive, understanding, positive and most importantly she gave us the confidence we needed to see Dax’s new sleep plan into place. Her support for the days to follow was amazing!!! Going above and beyond is a understatement. Dax went from waking every couple hours to sleeping 10-12 hours a night now. If you don t want the mind set of “just getting through the day” anymore because you are so sleep deprived call Janey she will help you and your babe conquer this!!!! Thanks Janey for making our precious babe a great sleeper…he loves it and his mommy LOVES it even more 🙂 – Amanda & Justin

Thank you from Sarah, Michael and Thomas Wilkinson

When I was pregnant, I remember reading, “just before you put a baby to sleep, make sure they’re nice and drowsy”. That stuck with me, so for the first 14 months of Thomas’ life, I rocked, nursed, cuddled, put him in the stroller/car seat to get him ‘nice and drowsy’ so he would sleep for naps and bedtime. Sometimes Thomas had great naps and sleep, other times not so much. We contacted Janey because we wanted to change this routine and teach our child the essential skill of falling asleep on his own. Janey was wonderful to work with. She put together a sleep plan that we were comfortable with, she was very supportive during a difficult transition period for all of us, she stayed in close contact with us during the two-week period and lastly she gave us the tools to teach our child to fall asleep on his own. Since we started the plan, his night sleep improved immediately. He is no longer coming into bed with us at 4am and nursing for an hour. Instead he is sleeping 11-12 straight hours at night! My husband and I wake up refreshed and ready to start the day with our happy little toddler. Thomas’ nap was the hardest thing to change and improve upon. It took a lot of hard work from us, Thomas and Janey to successfully transition him from two short or non-existent naps to one nap in the middle of the day. We still have some work ahead of us on naps but Janey has set us on the right track going forward. We really appreciate everything Janey has done for us. Sarah, Michael and Thomas Wilkinson

Thanks from Heather, Steve & Jack

Dear Janey, I want to officially thank you for giving us the wonderful gift of sleep! When I initially contacted you, Jack was 9 months old and still waking up once or twice during the night. I had been following your success stories for a couple of months and thought: “oh, wouldn’t that be nice to have my baby sleep through the night”! I just kept thinking that the stars would align one night and Jack would start sleeping like those babies I read about. Some nights would be great, but then he would start another cycle of waking up during the night (or waking very early in the morning) and not go back to sleep on his own. After our first consultation you provided a simple sleep plan tailored to our little Jack and we saw improvements within a couple of days. With a proper nap schedule and sleeping longer stretches, Jack was so much happier! I found what helped the most was that you were there to guide us through the first two weeks. In addition, any time I have a quick question regarding changes in his routine you are always willing to give a word of advice. I recently returned to work and don’t know how I would have managed this transition if Jack was not sleeping through the night. With your help, we were able to work through the early morning wake-ups and most nights he will sleep 12 hours straight! Since Jack has become a more independent sleeper he also seems more adaptable to sleeping in new environments and if his schedule is off, we can easily get back on track. Janey, if I could change one thing, I would have contacted you sooner! I truly admire your dedication to helping tired Mom’s and babies all over the world. Thank you again, Heather, Steve & Jack

Thank you from Aydin, May and Anthony

Hi Janey! Before we started the WeeSleep program, Aydin’s sleep patterns were non-existent. Waking every 45-60 min, only nodding off in Mama’s arms, being cranky for lack of sleep and erratic eating were all the norm. May was near ill from sheer exhaustion; holding Aydin and even just trying to get a few minutes sleep, by bringing Aydin into bed with us. Now, after just 10 short days (UNBELIEVABLY, Aydin slept thru the night on night 2!!! WOOOHOOO!) Aydin sleeps a good 12-14 hrs overnight, and has two healthy naps during the day! We cannot express how life changing the program has been for us. We HIGHLY reccomend WeeSleep to anyone who has a little one. Not only has it created a healthy sleeper of our little one, his sleeping well has solved numerous other challenges too! May had read so many different books and views on getting our baby to sleep, and while all of it made “scientific” sense, making some sort of appliable method out of it all, was simply daunting! Janey created a customized program for Aydin that was implemented immediately, and was always ready with tips and adjustments. Thanks Janey! Aydin, May and Anthony

Thanks Janey from Danielle Sethi

Hi Janey, Well I can’t believe two weeks has already passed since we started your program. I have to tell how much you have changed all of our lives for the better. When I called you the first time, I was exhausted, stressed and frustrated. Now a few short weeks later since that first call, my husband and I have our sleep back and our time together. Plus Jesse is getting the sleep he needs. Thank You for everything, you have really brought us to a great place and we will be forever thankful! I will be sending you an email in the next day or so with our story for your website. You truly are amazing at what you do! Sincerely, Danielle Sethi
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