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Here are some letters from some of our
wonderful clients:

Here are some letters from our

wonderful clients:

Thank you Lisa Kvapil from Rachel Megitt

After 7.5 months of waking up every 2-3 hours with our daughter, I reached a new point of exhaustion.

Thanks from Ariane

We registered for and used the Sleep Sense program, but found that when problems arose, we needed personalized help. Janey’s advice was customized to our situation, and within 2 days, our one year old was going to sleep quietly and sleeping soundly through the night. The Sleep Sense program is great as a basic tool, but additional input from Janey made it that much more effective. There also isn’t a kinder or more professional person to work with than Janey — she understands the difficulties involved in teaching your child to sleep well, and was always compassionate and exceptionally responsive.

Thank you from Vanessa and James Cybulski

Hello Janey, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your patience and guidance through our sleep training regiment and just as predicted, our youngest is indeed sleeping through the night!
 You were available, adaptable, kind hearted and lovely to deal with over the 2 week stretch while we were trying to work through how best to teach our wee one the sleep tools that she needs.
In turn she is a happier little lady not to mention mom and dad!
The best gift you could have given us was a good nights rest. Sincerely, Vanessa and James Cybulski

A Magical Experience

Dear Janey, When we first started this (after 4 years of not sleeping) I asked myself, “What magic tricks could this woman possibly have that will stop my children from waking up a million times a night?” I have to admit I was very doubtful. Well, “that woman” who was extremely understanding, helpful and genuinely cared about our children and our unique situation, kept her promise. Perhaps it wasn’t magic, but the result is out of this world, better then I could have ever imagined and we will be forever grateful.

Thank you from Candice, Anthony & Chiara Rizzo

My daughter Chiara is currently 8 months old and up until 2 weeks ago had been sleeping with my husband and I in our bed since she was 6 weeks old. None of us were sleeping well and we were exhausted on a daily basis trying to nap whenever we could. When we heard about WeeSleep and Janey, it all sounded amazing but we were a little hesitant, as we did not believe anything could help Chiara sleep! Chiara would fight sleep all day long and have 10 minute cat naps, by the evening she was extremely irritable. She would only fall asleep if she was nursing or bounced in her baby carrier. If we tried to put her down after she fell asleep she was awake within 20 minutes. Our evenings consisted of 6 steps: 1. my husband and I taking turns putting Chiara to sleep in her baby carrier 2. trying to lay her in her crib once she was sound asleep 3. rushing to eat a cold and crummy dinner 4. Chiara waking up within 30 minutes 5. starting all over again 6. giving up on trying to put her to sleep and going to bed early so she would stay asleep and we would all get some rest. I thought I was getting a little sleep while she was in our bed but when I kept track of how often she was waking to feed it was at least 8-10 times a night! As Chiara got older it got less safe to have her in our bed so we would try to put her in her crib at night. If we tried to put her down in her crib awake she would scream hysterically, there was no soothing her and she HATED her crib. After 2 days on Janey’s WeeSleep program Chiara started sleeping through the night in her own crib. She has been sleeping at least 12 hours a night since! We are still working on lengthening our nap times but she does lay down and go to sleep, which continues to amaze us! My husband and I cannot believe the change in her, and our families were shocked to see her sleep so well over the holidays. We don’t know how to spend our time anymore as our evenings were consumed with trying to put a cranky baby to bed over and over and over. THANK YOU for this wonderful gift and a new extremely happy and well-rested baby! Candice, Anthony & Chiara Rizzo

Thanks from Sarah, Mike and baby Dafnée

Dear Janey, I just wanted to say you have been amazing. You are patient, understanding and really know your stuff! You gave Mike and I the confidence and guidance we needed to help Dafnée become an independent sleeper. Like most new mothers I had read every book and tried every sleep strategy but my poor little baby girl was only napping for 30 minutes at a time no matter what I did and would wake up several times a night. Also it would take so much rocking, shushing and patting that Mike and I were both suffering! Since having Dafnée I have realised that I am someone who desperately needs my sleep… I was constantly exhausted and felt guilty that I could not help my baby girl get the rest she needed. Not only did you give us the skills to help our baby become an independent sleeper you have also made me feel like a much better momma! After less than a week Dafnée has already come so far! Last night she slept from 7:45pm untill 6am with no waking!!! I couldn’t believe it I woke up before her and right now she is going past one hour of sleep on her first nap! The best part of all is that there is no more rocking and the shush/pat is no longer part of our live  We put our baby girl in her crib awake after our routine (which I still can’t believe involves me singing her a song) and after just a little bit of crying she puts herself to sleep. It’s incredible!!! Dafnée is doing great, and so is the rest of our little family. Mike and I can’t thank you enough! We are sure that Weesleep is going to be a huge success!!! Thanks a bunch, Sarah, Mike and baby Dafnée
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