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Here are some letters from some of our
wonderful clients:

Here are some letters from our

wonderful clients:

Niamh was so wonderful to work with

“We enlisted the support of Niamh Burke to help our five month old baby learn how to sleep overnight and to develop a proper napping schedule after months of multiple overnight wakings and short naps. Niamh was so wonderful to work with: she alleviated all of our anxieties, was always available to answer our questions, and provided amazing support and encouragement throughout the entire Wee Sleep program. Thanks to Niamh and Wee Sleep, our baby is now a terrific sleeper who sleeps 11-12 hours overnight and takes consistent long naps every day.” From Emma’s Mom

Niamh, you have altered our lives forever for the better

We honestly can't say enough wonderful things about you. You have been so patient and kind and your approach was exactly what I needed out of the gate. It would be my pleasure to write a glowing review for you- it would be the very least I can do. You have altered our lives forever for the better. You gave us the gift of sleep and made our son a happier, more well-adjusted little man. On top of that, the extra one on one I have been able to have with my daughter in the evenings now, with undivided attention has been one of the biggest unforeseen gifts out of the entire experience/ process. I know she was struggling and has commented on how nice it is for just “ mommy and daughter time”. Priceless. We cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us. Thank you !!!! - Happy client

Thank you, Brittany! You’ve been so great to work with.

"Sleep training has been the best thing we have done. I'm not sure why we didn't consider doing this earlier on and struggled all these months with not enough sleep for all of us! "A" has been doing so great. We noticed she is so much calmer and happier throughout the day and it's because she is all rest up! We have had such a good experience with you, thank you for your support!” “We appreciate all your help! We are so glad we made the decision to sleep train, it really is life changing in the best way. You have been so great to work with, so thank you!” - Happy family

Diana’s Wee Sleep method really works!

Okay, I never thought I would be writing this! Diana's Wee Sleep method really works. She helped us train our 11 month old and I cannot believe he sleeps on his own now and through the night. We co-slept since he was born, I always wanted to sleep train but I was so scared and kept putting it off but with her reassurance and confidence my husband and I decided to take the leap and it was the best decision. Sleep is priceless so I'd 100% recommend her to anyone looking to get better sleep. - A rested family

Niamh was a game-changer!

Niamh was AMAZING! My baby is 14 months old and since the day she was born has not been a good sleeper. Everyone in our house was beyond exhausted! Niamh was a game- changer. She provided us with the tools we needed to finally get a restful nights sleep. Throughout the process she was helpful and encouraging. There was no judgement when things didn't go well and she always gave me the advice I needed to conquer the hurdle. I'm excited to announce that by the end of the 10 days, my baby was sleeping 12+ hours and going down SO much easier! Thank you Niamh!!  From: Rachel Pipak Davis

It keeps getting better and better! Thank you, Stephanie

We have stuck to our plan and it keeps getting better and better! No more protesting before sleep, naps are longer + nights are restful for everyone. Just wanted to write to say thank you Stephanie. - Christina Budd
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