Being able to help all of these wonderful babies and amazing parents who truly value healthy sleep for their child makes this career so thoroughly rewarding. We know that so many, if not MOST, of our clients (especially the hubbies) are skeptical at first. And they should be! It all does sound too good to be true.

We say bring it on!

It was our strong belief in proper and most positive sleep methods and training that inspired The WeeSleep™ Dream Team to become professional sleep consultants, and we look forward to helping you and your family achieve the same results that our recent clients have been enjoying.

Here are some letters from some of our wonderful clients:

Thank you Erin Janisse from Fitz’s Mom

I was super skeptical that it would work, truly not a believer. Erin was so helpful and held my hand the whole way, literally the first night he slept thru the night…..complete success

Thank you Lisa Kvapil from Rachel Megitt

After 7.5 months of waking up every 2-3 hours with our daughter, I reached a new point of exhaustion.

Thank you Heather Lielmanis from Easton’s Mom

It’s been a game-changer to work with you, Heather! It was so helpful to have your guidance and support throughout.

Thank you from Candice, Anthony & Chiara Rizzo

My daughter Chiara is currently 8 months old and up until 2 weeks ago had been sleeping with my husband and I in our bed since she was 6 weeks old. None of us were sleeping well and we were exhausted on a daily basis trying to nap whenever we could. When we heard about… Read more “Thank you from Candice, Anthony & Chiara Rizzo”

Candice, Anthony & Chiara Rizzo

Thank you Karina Tummillo from Logan & Ella’s Mom

We could not be happier!  We just want parents to know that you do not have to sacrifice sleep to be good parents. Karina changed our lives! 

Thanks from Heather, Steve & Jack

Dear Janey, I want to officially thank you for giving us the wonderful gift of sleep! When I initially contacted you, Jack was 9 months old and still waking up once or twice during the night. I had been following your success stories for a couple of months and thought: “oh, wouldn’t that be nice… Read more “Thanks from Heather, Steve & Jack”

Heather, Steve & Jack

Thank you Brynn Sturdyvin from Olivia’s Mom

Hiring Brynn was the best decision we could have made when beginning sleep training! She was awesome… I can’t praise her enough. She was patient, understood how difficult this could be but reassured us we were doing the right thing. She walked us through each step of the way and I was not afraid of… Read more “Thank you Brynn Sturdyvin from Olivia’s Mom”

Thank you Erin Janisse from Damiens Mom

Erin is simply amazing. She helped get our son from waking up 14x a night to sleeping through the night in just 2 nights! His naps took approximately 4-5 days. I couldn’t believe how much my son was sleeping. As a first time mom many of my friends didn’t believe I was ready to sleep… Read more “Thank you Erin Janisse from Damiens Mom”

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Thanks from Ariane

We registered for and used the Sleep Sense program, but found that when problems arose, we needed personalized help. Janey’s advice was customized to our situation, and within 2 days, our one year old was going to sleep quietly and sleeping soundly through the night. The Sleep Sense program is great as a basic tool,… Read more “Thanks from Ariane”


Thank you Cara Myre from Michelle Zulow, Baby K’s Mom

I’ve learned it’s not just about helping my little one sleep it’s about my own sleep, my health, my sanity, my life, my family as a whole functioning unit. My baby may be my life but ‪#‎weesleep‬ gave our family back it’s sense of humanity.

Thank you Erin Janisse from Madelyn’s Mom

Thank you for giving me the information and tools necessary to teach my daughter to sleep on her own. Next to teaching a child to read I can’t think of anything more important than teaching a baby to sleep….on their own!! I was incredibly happy to toss the exercise ball in the trash!! No more… Read more “Thank you Erin Janisse from Madelyn’s Mom”

Thank you Lisa Kvapil from Lorena’s mom

“Here’s my advice: It is OK to seek help, it is OK to ask, search and trust professionals like Lisa in this area. NO, is not normal going through parenthood without sleeping, no matter what people say, lack of sleep is a serious thing that can affect your life in so many ways, I know… Read more “Thank you Lisa Kvapil from Lorena’s mom”

Thank you Stephanie Ellis from Jake and Ella’s mom

We are so happy we did this and didn’t wait any longer!! We are just so excited about sleep these days!

Thanks from Kathy Peschell

I called Janey when my daughter Emily was 10 months old. We had been trying to sleep train her on our own since she was 4 months old – we tried different methods, but nothing seemed to work. In fact, things were getting worse. In the days leading up to my call to WeeSleep, Emily… Read more “Thanks from Kathy Peschell”

Kathy Peschell

Thank you Karen Park from James’ Mom

My son was waking several times a night and I didn’t want him to cry alone. The sleep plan made us feel completely comfortable and he slept over 12 hours!

Thank you from all of us at WeeSleep™

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