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Here are some letters from some of our
wonderful clients:

Here are some letters from our

wonderful clients:

Thank you Melissa! I love having a good night sleeper!

With Melissa's expertise, Amelia went from falling asleep anywhere between 10pm and midnight to falling asleep every night by 7pm. This consistency has allowed me to work from home and put my feet up! I love having a good night sleeper and a happy baby in the morning! - Shannon

Working with Sydney through WeeSleep has no doubt helped my family!

It was when my youngest was about 8 months old and she was still struggling to go to sleep and stay asleep for naps and throughout the night. I had been back at work full-time already for a few months and also had a toddler in the household expending my energy. I was just about done with it and needed just that bit more sleep. I happened to see Sydney post about her son and their newfound sleep habits, which seemed too good to be true. I was skeptical at first, but after countless tiresome days and nights, I decided to reach out and haven't looked back. Sydney was very approachable, personable and was always very responsive. She was there to support me throughout the process, pushing through any doubts I had, as well as answering all my questions and providing additional resources. While the sleep plan was nothing revolutionary, nor a magic pill, it was what was needed in order to be held accountable, confident in the approach, and set proper habits with my little one. While there are still ups and downs, working with Sydney through WeeSleep has no doubt helped my family get some much better sleep all around. - Kapo Bauer | Baby Lexi's Mom

Thanks Stephanie, you were super helpful!

Thanks Stephanie, you were super helpful and answered all the questions I have! It’s been great working with you, and we’re so grateful to be sleeping through the night - what a game changer it is! - Happy client

Our only regret is not hiring them sooner!

We are delighted with the fantastic results we received with WeeSleep. Thanks to Cara's guidance and support our little one went from waking every hour to sleeping through the night within a few days! GAME. CHANGER. No more cat naps, and no more 3am Googling for answers. We are completely confident with our sleep routine now. The final handbook is super helpful when it comes to adapting the routine for travel, events, daylight savings, and developmental transitions. I cannot recommend WeeSleep enough. Our only regret is not hiring them sooner! - Nara, Ada’s mom

Thank you from Vanessa

Bedtime for the entire family was a negative, stress-inducing moment. We were a bit skeptical and thought it was not going to work. But we were WRONG! Now my 3yo goes to sleep ON HER OWN and the bedtime routine is better for her siblings as well, leaving time for the adults to relax at night. Masiel was very patient with our many questions and doubts and reassuring and warm every time we felt like giving up. - Vanessa | Brantford, ON, Canada

Melissa’s approach was gentle and effective!

Melissa’s approach was gentle and effective. We did not want to leave Sophie crying by herself for long periods of time and we were able to achieve our goals without doing that. Sophie was an amazing sleeper until the 4-month sleep regression and then all was lost. We tried everything! I slept in her room on a chair, we co-slept, we fed to sleep, and I even spent nights with her sleeping on top of me surrounded by pillows. We tried everything and the lack of sleep was affecting all of us in a negative way. After the sleep program, our lives have changed dramatically in a positive way! We’re all so much happier, we’re rested and motivated to do things again! - Katrina
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