No Shame for An Early Bedtime

“When does your four-year-old go to bed?” This question recently popped up in my newsfeed from a mom belonging to a mutual Facebook group. A simple question, you’d think; but, instead, it incited a barrage of opinions and shaming between parents about the apparently-controversial “early bedtime.” While some moms responded...

Back to School, Back to Schedule

Top tips for getting healthy sleep back on track this September!  September is here! You’ve purchased the backpack, the school supplies, and the autumn wardrobe, and you’ve painstakingly navigated Pinterest for hundreds of great lunch plans and snack ideas. But, have you sorted out sleep? Weeks full of late-night barbeques and...

Five steps to making your toddler a bedtime rockstar!

From bedtime battles to easy evenings: Five steps to making your toddler a bedtime rockstar! Resistance to bedtime is common for toddlers, especially between the ages of 3-4, when they are often going through big developmental changes, and learning how to exert independence and opinions.  Believe it or not, it...

4-Month Sleep Regression – Is it a thing?

WeeSleep Baby in Crib
Many moms think they have sleep mastered and then BOOM, the 4-month mark hits and suddenly things go sideways! Naps start getting shorter, falling asleep becomes harder, and more frequent night wakes start happening…Your whole schedule and “plan” has gone off track! What is going on? It’s what industry experts and...

The secret to raising kids who like bedtime

At any other time of day, notions like reading, cuddling with a favourite stuffy, and snuggling with mom and dad, are likely high on your child’s list of Top 10 Most Fantastic Things to Do. But, attach any of these ideas to the dreaded “B” word, and you’ve just...

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