Zoom Vroom!

WeeSleep Baby Stroller
I have great love for many things in life….clearly top of the list are my sweet sweet baby boy, my handsome and ever so talented photographer hubby, my family, friends, wine gums, lake swims, anything Apple, Malbec…the llist goes on and on.  But I must also share 2 more loves….I...

Help! Reel Me In!

WeeSleep Baby Boy
This new life after Chase and with our move to Ontario was supposed to get me on track for a little less chaos but in fact has done the exact opposite- especially right now.  With the business of WeeSleep and a toddler who climbs into every drawer (literally), consulting,...

A Bit Of Mamaluv

WeeSleep Love
I felt inclined to share the luv today.....I sit here bundled up at my desk with the worlds worst sinus infection and wishing I had someone to cater to me.  My baby boy is only 1 and my hubby is off doing a photoshoot and then playing hockey and...

My Wee Baby Boy is 1!

WeeSleep Image Montage
Well I must say I loved the holidays but am glad they are over!  It was our first Christmas with Chase and our first in our new home.  Despite not getting any snow which I SO adore (I know people, quit cursing me), it was very festive and lots...

Ray…Our Flight Home Saviour

WeeSleep Baby Travel
I have been so busy from returning from our family trip to Mexico I have not had a spare second to blog.  We had a fabulous holiday and it was so nice to escape and take Chase on his very first hot vacation.  Nanna and Poppa spoiled him and...

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