Mom, Baby & Daycare

WeeSleep Family
Today is Chase's first 1/2 day on his own at daycare.  We decided that he is going to venture off to daycare just 2 days a week.  Socially it is good and Mom and Dad are busy and it's just the way it is.  And hey, I believe I...

Baby Naps- From 2 to 1

WeeSleep Baby Sleeping
I quite often have moms that I have worked with call me and ask how they transition their baby from one from 2 naps to 1 and WHEN they should do it...  First of all, there a couple things that can indicate your child is ready to go down...

Healthy Toddler Muffin Recipe

WeeSleep Muffin Recipe
Although I am a busy mom, I also find time for a little fun in the kitchen on my own when Chase, out little toddler sleeps or even just when he is cruising and getting into all the cupboards.  I love to bake & cook but I love to...

Vroom While Your Baby Is Sleeping

WeeSleep Vaccum
At last I am able to write about the second part of my last post...... I should start off by saying besides being baby & toddler sleep obsessed I am a bit of a neat freak  I love clean, uncluttered and fresh. Yup- I am that girl who washes the...

Zoom Vroom!

WeeSleep Baby Stroller
I have great love for many things in life….clearly top of the list are my sweet sweet baby boy, my handsome and ever so talented photographer hubby, my family, friends, wine gums, lake swims, anything Apple, Malbec…the llist goes on and on.  But I must also share 2 more loves….I...

Help! Reel Me In!

WeeSleep Baby Boy
This new life after Chase and with our move to Ontario was supposed to get me on track for a little less chaos but in fact has done the exact opposite- especially right now.  With the business of WeeSleep and a toddler who climbs into every drawer (literally), consulting,...

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