Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Sleep Coach

Why would you hesitate to hire SLEEP COACH?  Here are 5 “no-brainer” reasons to make sleep a priority in hour home. Trust us. Save precious time and energy- researching, planning and education yourself on healthy sleep that works for YOUR family and YOUR child can take time.  Not to mention, it can be extremely overwhelming.  A...

What does Sleep Training Mean?

Sleep training
Here is the “textbook definition” sleep train·ing the process of training young children to fall asleep on their own, typically by means of techniques in which the child is left to cry without being comforted, either for gradually increasing periods of time or until they fall asleep. noun "sleep training can be...

Daylight Savings + Baby Sleep

Ahhh…the sweet sound of calm and quiet in the morning. Your wee one is finally on a solid schedule – rising about the same time every day – and sleeping strong! What could possibly wreak havoc on this rock-solid routine? Well other than teething and sickness (which we obviously cannot...

No Shame for An Early Bedtime

“When does your four-year-old go to bed?” This question recently popped up in my newsfeed from a mom belonging to a mutual Facebook group. A simple question, you’d think; but, instead, it incited a barrage of opinions and shaming between parents about the apparently-controversial “early bedtime.” While some moms responded...

Back to School, Back to Schedule

Top tips for getting healthy sleep back on track this September!  September is here! You’ve purchased the backpack, the school supplies, and the autumn wardrobe, and you’ve painstakingly navigated Pinterest for hundreds of great lunch plans and snack ideas. But, have you sorted out sleep? Weeks full of late-night barbeques and...

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