A Little about Angelika

Used to being a mom of the four-legged variety (who all absolutely love to sleep), Angelika had no idea what she was in for when her son was born! After 6 ½ months of very little to no sleep at all she was beyond exhausted and searching for a far away miracle. WeeSleep was just that… a miracle! Within 24 hours of starting her customized program, not only was Benjamin sleeping through the night, she was finally sleeping and in her own be at that!

Let’s face it, when mom doesn’t sleep it affects everyone in the household from your partner, your baby (other children), to even your pets. Not only did Angelika finally get her sleep back after working with WeeSleep, her husband got his wife back and of course her four-legged children got their mommy back as well!

After working in Public Relations, Human Resources and dabbling in Retail, Angelika always enjoyed working with people from all walks of life. Dreading a return to the working world at the end of her maternity leave, the chance to join the WeeSleep Dream Team couldn’t have come at a better time. Not only does she now get to work with other tired families who are in the exact same sleepless place she once was, she gets to continue to follow her passion and work with people just like you!

– Benjamin’s Mom

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