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A Little about Alanna

I can’t imagine life without my two boys, but I also can’t say that I didn’t dream of a full nights sleep and much less crying (mine and the baby’s!) when our first was born. He has always had FOMO (Fear of Missing Out!) and would cry and cry whenever it was time for sleep. We finally decided to work with a Sleep Consultant after 7 grueling months and within a few days we were so pleasantly surprised!All the information we had read and heard (some conflicting) was simplified and laid out for us and done in a way that we were comfortable with. It was exactly what we needed. He actually could sleep with a few light and loving nudges in the right direction!

Armed with this new confidence and information for healthy sleep we had our second son, and it turns out he’s a great sleeper! I decided I would combine my love for working with people along with my passion for healthy sleep and become a Sleep Consultant. It really was a no-brainer, and coming from the corporate world, I also get to say now that I have a job that gives back every day and for that I am truly fortunate.

I offer you my knowledge and understanding to collaborate together to create the best outcome for your family. I am here, ready to listen to your story with a sensitive, compassionate and empathetic approach so we can work with each other towards our common goal. Healthy and happy sleep! And the real thrill is when, together, we can give your child and you the sleep that is so important and the relief that you are looking for.

– Ezra & Makai’s Mama

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