Welcome! I am Janey Reilly, Founder of WeeSleep.

Our. team of experts have a goal—to give you the abundant and most healthful gift of sleep by sharing tools, guidance, one-to-one coaching and support so that you can immediately improve your child’s sleep health and your sanity. Translation?

We’re here to help resolve your infant’s or toddler’s sleep issues!

If you want your child to get a full night of sleep in addition to taking proper naps on their own, you have come to the right place. We can help you make this happen within two weeks.

The Sleep Healthy Check List:

If you are (and we certainly hope this isn’t the case!) experiencing ANY or ALL of the items below, like:

  • You are overwhelmed with all the conflicting sleep advice out there
  • You are not sure how to get your baby to nap longer than 40 minutes, or less, or nap PERIOD!
  • Your legs and core have gotten a good enough workout from all the walking, and rocking and holding you have done trying to get your baby to sleep
  • Your baby starts to cry the second your head hits the pillow
  • You are an expert at putting your baby’s soother back into their mouth over and over again all night at the first peep
  • Your child can’t fall asleep without you laying with him or her or without having them playing with your hair or, or, or….
  • You drive around the neighborhood day and night racking up your gas bill while your child snoozes in the car—because that is the ONLY place they will sleep
  • Your baby’s eating habits suck (no pun intended!) because all they do is snack on your boobs all day
  • You and your hubby are in different rooms and can’t remember what day it is
  • You are tired of being tired!
  • You want someone to tell you what to do, when to do it, and how to do it so you get immediate results and you can all start benefiting from sleep bliss

If you need to understand your infant’s or toddler’s sleep, and change your current situation quickly in a very positive and LOVING WAY so they can start getting healthy and restful sleep, then you’re also in the right place.

How do we help you and your family?

Based on the tried and true gentle, loving and guided strategies and trainings of The WeeSleep™ Dream Team, we will break down and analyze your child’s sleep challenges and develop a completely customized and easy-to-follow sleep plan that will have your child sleeping through the night (10-12 hours straight) in under 2 weeks.

Did we mention we have a 98% success rate when you work with us and are committed?

If you are looking for healthy and proper habits for your child, and blissful nights for the whole family, we are glad you have found us. You’re in the right place!

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How Do We Differ

As you may have noticed, not only do we have a team of passionate Sleep Experts, but we also believe that being the best possible Mom is about taking care of yourself. When a child is rested, a mom is rested. A rested Mom takes care of herself. She feels better. She has more time for herself, her husband and can TRULY appreciate what “living in the moment” means when she is with her child. She is present, aware and focused and FEELING FABULOUS rather than feeling sluggish, tired, unmotivated and defeated.

The WeeSleep™ Dream Team is in this for your baby (#1) and for YOU!

“We are dedicated to helping parents solve their babies sleep challenges in a positive and personal way so babies can rest and thrive and parents can rejoice!”

About Janey Reilly

The Inside Scoop

WeeSleep™ was founded by me, Janey Reilly. I am an expert Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant who consults families around the globe and coaches and mentors a team to do the same!

WeeSleep™ launched after I realized how important infant & toddler sleep is, and after struggling with my son’s sleep issues and seeing and hearing about so many families having difficulties. I knew providing babies and families with healthy sleep was where I would find the most rewards in my professional life. If you noticed, I have a tattoo…yup…and what does it mean? “My angel” Why? I call my son my angel and I did this all for him. So I could help other tired families and have the freedom to be home with him! I am passionate about healthy living, nutrition & fitness and of course BABY & TODDLER SLEEP! Myself and the WeeSleep team are dedicated to helping parents solve their babies sleep challenges in a positive and personal way so babies can rest and thrive and parents can rejoice!

Prior to my becoming a mom and starting this contagious “baby sleep revolution” if you will, you could find me developing relationship marketing campaigns with Disney by day and studying everything baby at night!

I have completed intensive training and supervision with a globally renowned pediatric sleep specialist and continue to further my education in the field through workshops and meeting with other health professionals. After 7 years of consulting thousands of families, I have now extensively trained and continue to coach and mentor a team of WeeSleep™ Certified Consultants so we can provide even more families the gift of healthy sleep. WeeSleep™’s methods are GENTLE, LOVING, CARING AND GUIDED.

WeeSleep™ is actively involved with local medical professionals providing regular seminars and supporting patients with WeeSleep™’s sleep expertise. We are also involved with childcare centers, health & wellness facilities, and various support groups to provide workshops and assistance. We have also partnered with leading companies and online magazines to offer support and advice to their network of parents.

The WeeSleep™ approach when working with families is very “real”. The team is professional, compassionate and devoted AND we are all real moms who understand the struggles you are experiencing. It is most rewarding to be able to coach infants, toddlers, and their families to sleep well!

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