23 Activities to do Outside the Home in Baby’s First Year

Your first year with your baby is such a magical time, and no doubt, you want to make the most of every moment. It happens so often for moms of infants and toddlers that days can go by and you feel like you haven’t left the home (and might even be going a little bit stir-crazy!). While we are huge endorsers of quality sleep and plenty of rest, we also know that getting out and being active and social is a huge benefit to both mom and baby.

Here is a list of over 20 activities we’ve compiled just for you and your mini to enjoy the outdoors, and to start building a lifetime of special moments and traditions together:

Outdoor Crafts

Learn Shapes

Bring your baby’s toys outdoors on a beautiful day. Help them learn their shapes by having them place each shape in the correct place. Infant puzzles are designed to help educate and stimulate your child’s mind while learning what shapes are.

Take Paint Outside

Arts ‘n crafts doesn’t always have to be an indoor activity. Bring the canvas and the safe, non-toxic paint outdoors to let your infant finger paint with you. Look around and get inspired by nature, animals and bugs.


If you have a deck in your backyard, place the colouring book on a smooth surface. Guide your infants hands as you colour your favourite cartoon characters together.

Sticker Books

Have some fun with sticker books by creating fun pictures. Add them to your colouring book for even more fun! Stick them on your toddler’s nose, it will give them a chuckle.

Chalk Up Your Driveway

Your driveway isn’t just meant for mommy and daddy’s cars, it’s also a great, big canvas! Playing with chalk is a classic outdoor crafty activity that is fun for everyone. Create fun designs with your baby by introducing them to another artsy method. Teach them the names of the colours as you draw shapes with them. This way, they will learn the colours and shapes at the same time.


Nature Prints

Create unique artworks with nature by taking different leaves, blades of grass or flowers and lay them onto a blank canvas. With non-toxic paint, let your infant paint over the delicate greenery to learn their names.

Pet Rocks

You might not be ready for a furry friend yet, but it’s a good thing we have pet rocks! Find a decently sized pebble or rock from your front or backyard. By using non-toxic paint, help your baby draw faces on the rocks and give them funny names.

Get Digging

Babies are fascinated with all earth has to offer and often that means eating dirt. But, we’re not going to let them do that. Instead, give them a tiny shovel to pick up the dirt or sand, and place it into a tiny bucket. This action will improve their motor skills.

Bucket of Toys

Bring out a big bucket of toys to play in the soft grass. Who says we can only play with toys inside? There’s no fun in that when you can play outdoors on a beautiful, warm day.

Get Active With Your Infant


Have some fun by dressing up your infant in their best outfits and host a mini photoshoot with them around a garden or on a swing. These are the most precious moments, make them last with beautiful photographs to cherish forever.

Sensory Play

Let your baby get a feel for their surroundings. Let them explore the outdoors by feeling the grass, touching flowers and crawling around to learn about their environment.

Walk the Dog

If your family has a dog, sit your infant in a wagon or carry them with you while you walk your furry friend around the block together.

Park Fun

Practice walking at the park. After trial and error, sit your baby in the swingset and gentle push them to start getting them used to the motion.

Nature Walk

Take a stroll through a wooded area or small pond. Your infant will love looking at all of their new and unfamiliar surroundings while on their nature exploration.

Blow Bubbles

Babies adore bubbles! Make them big and small. Have your toddler poke at them with you, they’ll even have you laughing from their reaction.

Have a Picnic

Lay out a blanket on a soft patch of grass. Bring your sandwich and baby food. Voila! You’re having a lovely afternoon picnic with your baby underneath a tree. It’s definitely a picture-perfect moment.

Outdoor Mommy and Baby Yoga

Find a class for both mama and baby to enjoy a relaxing exercise for relaxation.

This is a great activity to keep you happy and healthy after having your baby.

Become Your Child’s Tour Guide

Road Trip

Pack your bags, bring snacks, put on some music and get ready for a road trip! It’s never too early to travel with you infant. They will love looking out the window at all of the amazing sites with curiosity.

The Petting Zoo or Aquarium

Make new animal friends! Babies are intrigued by animals and they will surely love meeting them in person instead of reading about them in their bedtime stories.

Fly High

Everything fascinates toddlers. Take a short trip to the airport to watch the airplanes fly overhead. Watch your babies eyes light up everytime they spot an airplane pass by.

Seasonal Outdoor Activities

Wagon Ride

Once the leaves start changing colour in Autumn, take your little one to the farm for a family favourite apple-pickin adventure. Not only are there many activities for the kids, they offer fun tractor and wagon rides your child will love!

Christmas Lights

Another fun family activity requires hot chocolate, cozy blankets and a trip around the city to see the displays of magical Christmas lights and decorations. Your infant will love the bright lights and characters. With so much to look at, they will surely be filled with joy!

Play With the Water Sprinkler

What else is there to do on a hot summer day other than run through a nice, cool water sprinkler! Grab your little one and have some fun running around under the water with them to cool off.

After a long day of exciting outdoor play, your infant won’t have a problem falling asleep. At WeeSleep, we guarantee outdoor activities will help your baby have a good night’s rest to feel their best.

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Sleep in 10 days or less… we guarantee it!

Sleep in 10 days or less… we guarantee it!

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